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12 days ago
Test the new duel command

To challenge someone to a duel, run this command:

/duel challenge [playername]

Then, the person you challenged can run:

/duel accept

That will start the duel.  At the moment, it won't let you attack a friend or ally, but I'm fixing that.

28 days ago
End reset

We will be resetting the end tomorrow (Sunday).

about 1 month ago
Pathis III is available for download

The single-player world of Pathis III is available for download.  Please check our Discord channel for the exact location.

about 1 month ago
Allies plugin fixes

This was tested successfully; it is working.

about 1 month ago
Allies plugin fixes

I think that I fixed this in the plugin; it looks like it will work.  However, I have not tested it.