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13 days ago
Test the new duel command

I heard a rumor that there is a new /duel command in testing!

It is very exciting!

This means that players can practice PVP with friends without loosing inventory or dying/re-spawning.

The format is like the /g friends command in the sense that it only works when both players agree.

I think  the command is
/duel playername

/accept duel

/end duel - but this might also time out after a while

Feel free to test this and post your thoughts here.

13 days ago
Check out the stats

See who has emptied the most buckets of water, mined the most diamonds or killed the most creepers..

13 days ago
Youtube Channel

Send me a note if you want me to post your game recording!

13 days ago
Is it ok to claim an abandoned base?

It's fine to loot any base that seems abandoned, that means that there are no current claims on any part of the build.

  It is okay to claim it as your own if you like. 

It would probably NOT be very be nice to destroy their base or totally re-design it.

But if it's abandoned, than they clearly don't care... right?

Any thoughts?

13 days ago
Pathisorb Discord

There is a discord channel: