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2 months ago
When is your next full reset?

Mojang took a long break, which delayed reset. The date is set for Feb 18th 2023!

4 months ago
When is your next full reset?

We will reset with Pathis V for the release of 1.20, most likely January 2023.

8 months ago
Check out my casino!

Casino and bookshop at spawn town in  1.19 open. 

Spend your diamonds at the book shop or go upstairs and try to win some loot!

You can win shulkers, tridents, totems and other fun stuff.

Visit the top floor for target practice and free food!


8 months ago
Players sometimes get stuck in claimed land

Perhaps we can have the /suicide command but call it /respawn instead? 

I believe this would be very helpful. 


8 months ago
Minecraft YouTubes

The most popular video is keet vs warden: