Information and frequently-asked questions

Why can't I log in?

Bedrock players will have a few days downtime when updates occur because the Bedrock version updates before the Java plug-in that allows cross-platform play.

Other Reasons:
Mojang Authentication servers might be down.
You might have been banned.
Ask for help on the forum.

Additional Add-ons/Info:

More mob heads, pose able armor stands, invisible frames, /g map viewer, language filter, and pet protection.

If one player sleeps in a bed and everyone else types /afk it will skip the night.

Tick speed/frequency settings for some entities might have been reduced for server performance.

We use Paper's eigencraft redstone, so some redstone machines might require a little tweaking, so ask players or use trial and error.

Pet Protection:

The pet protection plugin protects all tamed pets from taking damage. They cannot be killed. Make sure you take this into consideration when breeding animals.

Ask an operator to help if someone has spammed pets. You can also find lost pets using the /findpets command.

Special thanks to our server programmer for this custom plugin!

G Map:

You are the X and the squiggly hash tag is the direction you face. Squares represent chunks. Colored squares tell you: Green = your claims Yellow = another group's claim Teal = friend's claim Blue = safe area.

It's Laggy!

If your game seems laggy, push the tab button and to see how many connection bars you have. A poor network connection can cause lag. You can always log off, close Minecraft, and then rejoin.

Lag (network delay) is often confused with choppiness (low frames per second). Anything visually-intensive (such as glowing signs and having many entities on-screen at once) can cause choppiness.

Another potential cause of "lag" is low ticks per second on the server, which can be caused by mob farms and other things that tax the server's processing power; check the surrounding area for large machines, overcrowded mobs, and any other source of lag.

Our moderators check for and diagnose server performance/tick per second lag, but it is very rare. Networking complications are the most likely cause of lag and are often temporary/regional.

I need Help!

If you need help with an issue on the server, please describe your problem in the online forum.