1. No major griefing (changing/editing other players' builds without permission)

  2. No stealing (conversely, please make sure to claim your land and lock your chests)

  3. No insulting, harassing, or abusing other players (whether using words or other means); no severely profane language.

  4. No hacked clients, cheating, or using modifications that give you an unfair advantage. This includes using X-Ray and auto-clickers. Optifine is OK. Feel free to ask about ones you want to use.

  5. We do allow alternate accounts, but no more than one per player.

  6. Zero-tick Machines are discouraged.

  7. AFK/AFK farms are allowed. Please do not circumvent the idle timeout/kick.

  8. Redstone is allowed, but excessively large machines are discouraged.

  9. Automatic animal farms are discouraged.

  10. Automatic farms are allowed. However, please do not build mob farms near spawn or shop town, except from natural spawners.

  11. Withers cannot spawn in the overworld (only in the nether and end).

  12. Use the website for general information, bug reports, and requests.

  13. The group auto-kick is currently set to four weeks, but we recommend logging in at least once each week to keep your claims active.

  14. No advertising, including messages such as "Send me a private message for information about another server!"

Punishments for breaking our rules will vary case by case, but can result in being muted, both temporary and permanent, or for serious offenses, temporary or permanent IP bans. If you wish to appeal your case, use the online forum.