Why Pathis Orb?

Our server is suitable for players of all ages, with a friendly atmosphere and a language filter.

Grief Prevention

Only group members can place and break blocks and use objects in a group's claimed land. You start with 10 claims, and your maximum amount of claims grows every week as long as your group is active.

Pet Protection

We have pet protection as well to keep your pets safe -- no more accidentally hurting pets while fighting monsters. You can also see the last known location of all your pets with a simple command, and even give your pets to someone else.


Check our forums for changes and updates and to post your requests and questions on our forum. We also have a Discord server for chatting with other players.

Cross-Platform Play

The server is based on Java Edition but you can play with Bedrock Edition, too! This means you can play with MCPE (Pocket Editon) on iOS and Android smartphones. Of course, you can (and should) play also with the good old Java Edition.

Yearly Reset

We reset the server about once/year. Resetting allows all of the old friends and the new ones we've gained from the previous map to begin anew together and work together from the ground up. Our last reset was in February of 2023! Our next reset will happen when 1.21 is released, so probably in the summer of 2024.

Join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/qNUA9xZdGC

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